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Pirelli Motorcycle Race Tires and Track Day Tires

Pirelli TiresTrackAddix is a Pirelli Race Tire distributor! Tire Support is available at all TrackAddix weekend events at Raceway Park of the Midlands and Motorsports Park Hastings.

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People ask us all the time "Which tire should I use?  There's usually not one "right" answer, it depends on all of the variables involved such as the intended use, the pace and preferences of the rider, the budget, etc.  We have provided a general guideline for recommendations below, but these are not set in stone, they're simply our general guidelines for a starting point in tire recommendations.  Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your personal riding needs to receive a more precise recommendation, we'd love to help you find the right tire!  Other than proper suspension setup, there's no more important aspect to going fast and being safe on the track than having a good set of tires!

TrackAddix Tire Recommendations -
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Pirelli Supercorsa SP

Tire Warmers: Not Required
Application: Street or Track
This is Pirelli's sportiest street tire, and comes as OEM equipment on many of the top-range sportbikes sold today. This tire is appropriate for track day use as well and provides excellent grip and compliance. We would recommend this tire for anyone wanting to ride their bike on both street and track without changing tires, up to an Intermediate track day pace.

Pirelli Supercorsa SC

Tire Warmers: Recommended
Application: Track Only

Tire Compounds

This is the latest DOT race tire from Pirelli, with outstanding grip and precise carcass design for great handling.
Pirelli Superbike Slicks

Tire Warmers: Required
Application: Track Only

Tire Compounds

"As Seen On TV" This is Pirelli's World Superbike slick race tire design. Championship-winning design for club racers and the fast track day riders wanting the ultimate performance and lowest lap times possible.
Pirelli Wet / Rain Tires

Tire Warmers: Recommended
Application: Track Only

This is Pirelli's racing rain and wet tire as seen in the World Superbike championship. Available in both a WET (Intermediate) and RAIN tread pattern and rubber compound for various inclement weather racing conditions.

Pirelli Race Tire Recommended Pressures

Note: These are Pirelli's baseline recommendations, they are not set in stone and not guaranteed to work for you. Use these recommendations at your own responsibility. Pirelli also provides guidelines on proper use of tire warmers. Click below to open the PDF documents:

Pirelli Race Tire Pressure Guidelines

Pirelli Tire Warmer Guidelines

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